Member News
November 2014 - Elisa Donnard joined the lab as a post doctoral Fellow.

December 2014 - Yasin Bakis joined the lab as a post doctoral Fellow.

March 2015 - We welcome Nick Merowskky our new Bioinformatician in the Bioinformatcs Core.

May 2015 - Sowmya Ayer joined the lab as a post doctoral candidate.

June 2015 - Pranitha Vangala joined the lab as a graduate student. welcome!.

September 2014 - As part of a newly established Center for Collaborative Research in Fragile X, we are partnering with the Richter lab to understand the underlying mechanisms for aberrant translational in fragile X.

January 2015 - The NHGRI awarded $6.1 million to our lab to model the gene regulatory network of human Dendritic Cells in collaboration with the laboratories of Jeremy Luban, Oliver Rando, Job Dekker, Scott Wolfe and Nir Yosef (in Berkeley).

May 2015 - An R-21 in collaboration with the Maher laboratory was awarded to apply our CRISPR effector methods to study regulatory networks in mouse Dendritic cells

Other news
May 2015 - We launched a collaborative effort to understand the retulatory networks of innate immunity. June 2015 - After spending a year after graduation in the lab, Narayan Sadagopan is on his way to start his MD at Hofstra University. We wish him the best.