Current lab members

Manuel Garber

Manuel Garber, PhD. Associate Professor and Director of the Umassmed Bioinformatics core.

Xiaopeng Zhu

Xiaopeng Zhu, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Transcriptional network modeling and RNA visualization.

Created and actively maintains the Bam2x Python library. Bam2x, an efficient genomic data analysis platform.

Barbara Tabak

Barbara Tabak, PhD. Research Assistant Professor.

Virus diversity and evolution (HIV and EBV), innate immune transcriptional network modeling, copy number detection methods

<Alan Derr Alan Derr Informatician. Islet biology using both bulk and single cell genomics. Alan is author of the End Sequencing Analysis Toolkit (ESAT). Jenny Chen

Jenny Chen, Doctoral candidate joint with the Regev Lab.

Evolution of embryonic stem cell lincRNAs

Elisa Donnard Elisa Donnard, PhD. Postdoctoral Fellow. Ribosomal Profiling, Mechanisms underlying Fragile X translational anomalies. Alper Kucukural, PhD. Research Assistant Professor in the bioinformatics core. Alper is the architect of the core pipeline infrastructure.

Group Picture, Summer 2015

Group Picture 2015

Former members

Shaked Afik

Shaked Affik, Formerly a visiting masters student from the Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem, now a PhD candidate at UC Berkely

Sabah Kadri

Sabah Kadri, formerly an associate Computational Biologist (at the Broad Institute), now a bioinformatician at the University of Chicago. Sabah implemented the first version of ESAT

Narayan Sadagopan

Narayanan Sadagopan, now an MD student, Hofstra University

Hennady Shulha Hennady Shulha, Phd. Formerly an informatician in the bioinformatics core, now at the Department of Lymphoid Cancer Research, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC, Canada.